Tangerine Marmalade 340g

Tangerine Marmalade 340g

Tangerine Marmalde 340g



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Tangerine Marmalade. A truly distinctive marmalade, without the sharpness of our other Orange Marmalades. A soft flavour with fine peel. Ingredients: Sugar, Tangerines, (Thin Cut Peel), Gelling Agent (Fruit Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid). Prepared with 34g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 67g per 100g

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Weight340 g

2 reviews for Tangerine Marmalade 340g

  1. Robert Mackay

    Lovely marmalade quite sweet,tried mine on crumpets beautiful

  2. Ronald

    By far the nicest tasting marmalade I have tried. Great product.

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