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Premium Products from The Highlands

We’re proud to say that Struan Apiaries Ltd has become a well-known brand synonymous with premium, luxury artisan food products from Scotland, and we find ourselves facing a high demand for our honeys and condiments.

We ship our products to various high-end retail outlets, exclusive restaurants and hotels, and chic health spas across the UK and abroad.

Although our production capacity is limited and seasonal our produce can be safely stockpiled, so we can cope with large orders for our range of goods, particularly if these are regular orders that we can prepare for well in advance.

We’re happy to take orders for just a few jars of heather and blossom honey, preserves, chutneys, marmalades, mustards and sauces, or we can deliver these in corporate quantities on pallets or in pails as often as you need.

If you would like to place a bulk order please get in touch with us directly with details of your requirements.

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Our Corporate Clients

In recent years our top quality heather honey, in particular, has drawn the attention of the “foodie” press and celebrity chefs, like Rick Stein. A number of top chefs and food influencers have crafted recipes using Struan Heather Honey, and our blossom honey and exotic marmalade is a favourite feature on the breakfast buffets of many a five-star hotel.

With the health benefits of Scottish heather honey also becoming increasingly renowned our pure, organically processed variety is a popular option on the shelves of health food and whole food stores in Britain and across the world.

Other corporate areas where our products do well is in gift e-stores when packed into luxury food hampers, souvenir shops in Scotland, and any other enterprise which relies on speciality food products as part of their offering.

If you think offering Struan products could enhance the image and customer experience of your business we’ll be happy to chat about how we can help.

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Our Available Products

Our “best-seller” when it comes to bulk sales is undoubtedly our finely crafted Scottish heather honey, which is produced by literally millions of bees that we care for in around 500 hives, sited across the moors of the Cairngorms National Park.

We also produce sweet Scottish blossom honey, uniquely flavoured due to being derived from the nectar of the wild flowers and soft fruit tree blossom that proliferates in the Highlands in spring.

All our honey is harvested and processed using traditional artisanal methods, without impacting on its purity or nutritional value.

While honey is at the heart of our offering, we can also supply our tasty “home grown” condiments in quantities to suit your needs. Browse through the collection on our e-store and see what takes your fancy.

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